Actually, research shows that lights out does not mean crime levels rise

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In reply to the comments by Dave Eason regarding the “lights out” in Boston Road car park in Holbeach I would like to say his letter is a contradiction in itself.

The local crimes he mentions have happened when streetlights have been on so where’s the argument for keeping them lit?

Two alleged assaults have happened in local car parks recently, one in the daytime and one at night when the lights have been on too. The perpetrators obviously weren’t put off by the illuminated area.

Burglaries, property break-ins etc are a completely different issue to youths congregating in public well-lit areas causing an constant annoyance to neighbours and need two different approaches to solve them. PC Braid obviously has the experience and knowledge to deal with them and it’s blatantly obvious the reader has not.

Research shows lights throughout the country are being dimmed and turned out and it is a fact that crime has not risen and anti-social behaviour has dropped. As part of growing up young people congregate in brightly lit areas and while no one has any objection to them meeting their friends unfortunately the story does not usually end there.

As we live next to the said car park and Carter’s Park and ask the police for help on a regular basis to deal with the anti social behaviour blighting the area I think we are qualified to comment.

We would like to say a big thank you to PC Braid and the NPT who work tirelessly with us to help solve these issues.

He makes a brilliant job of leading an excellent team. Please keep up the good work.

Loraine Walker, Tony Walker