Action our MP urges is close to home

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I read with amazement the campaign to deal with problems in Spalding. The principles are sound – but the targets for the MP’s action?

Can this really have been backed by the MP who, with the previous Labour government, has been a minister in the government which has steadfastly refused to accept that Lincolnshire is the second most underfunded police authority in the country, and do anything about it?

Can it really be backed by the MP, and four of the target actions to be taken indicate so, whose government’s draconian cuts to Local Government are part of the reason that matters such as this are not tackled as vigorously as they once were?

Some of us expected at least a little change after 2010, and that shire counties like Lincolnshire might get, at police, county and district level, a slightly better ‘crack of the whip’.

We hoped in vain. The previous government’s grant to Lincolnshire was ‘cut’ by many millions to subsidise the well off counties of Surrey, Kent and Oxfordshire amongst others. So no criticism of any particular government there, just all of them!

Oh, but that’s where the bulk of the cabinet live, isn’t it? So no hope. The expression ‘pot’ and kettle’ comes to mind.

At least in one tiny part the reason for the present underfunding crisis at all levels in our county will be facing Mr Hayes when he looks in the bathroom mirror.

He might be better fighting hard for this county and constituency within the cabinet, rather than chasing projects which are, in part, a direct consequence of his and his colleagues’ actions.


Sutton Bridge