ACCIDENT: How long for police to put a sign up?

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We have had yet another accident along our road.This at the crossroad of Delgate Bank/Austendyke Road junction.

There were five fire-engines, three ambulances and the air ambulance. Eventually two police cars arrived.

The traffic was still coming through at a pace. We were out there telling the drivers to turn around as they couldn’t get through.

What WE who live here want to know is WHY was there no police sign or officer stopping the traffic coming through?

I went to an officer after they had cleared the road and asked him why there was no-one there. The answer: “Not enough officers.”

How long would it have taken them to have put a sign there? Why does it have to be us who do their jobs for them?

We do it because we don’t want other traffic to be involved in further accidents.

Jean Smith

Austendyke Road

Weston Hills