About turn on need for new roundabout

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George Farmer Academy students successfully approached Holbeach Parish Council meeting last Monday for support with a skateboard park project.

Unfortunately elderly and disabled adults received less encouragement, confirming Lincolnshire’s poor record of support for less able citizens. Like customers of Natwest, Barclays customers will be greatly inconvenienced by the bank’s closure on October 11; Holbeach High Street is already a difficult trek for disabled and elderly obliged to use buses.

HGVs continue to threaten pedestrians on narrow pavements.

Following a spate of accidents at the junction of A151 with A17 at Holbeach, known as Peppermint Junction, Spalding Guardian last year (30/07/2012) reported County Coun Nick Worth’s intention to ‘bring more pressure to bear on Lincolnshire County Council’ to consider building a roundabout to avoid further carnage; he quoted the sum of £1.5m.

The cost of a roundabout has already been the subject of a letter pointing out that if the new West Elloe/Pinchbeck Road junction cost less than £500,000, a simple roundabout in open countryside should cost far less than £1.5m.

As the only regular bus passenger on Holbeach Parish Council concerned about HGVs driving through the centre of the town to avoid Peppermint Junction, I raised the matter at last Monday’s Parish Council Meeting and was told in no uncertain terms by a fellow councillor that Peppermint Junction is not dangerous; it is the drivers who are dangerous and there is no need for a roundabout. All those present including Coun Worth appeared to agree with this dogmatic statement.

In view of his expressed opinion last year perhaps Coun Worth should tell us why he has changed his mind about a roundabout.

Bus users can expect no help from Holbeach Parish Council in making their trip to Tesco any easier when council members agreed with the comment that “We don’t want people going to Tesco. They should use the shops on the high street.” Maybe we oldies should all learn to use skateboards.

Joan Woolard

Holbeach Parish Councillor,

Eastgate, Fleet