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Perhaps you could warn your readers how easy it is to turn a cut-price shop at Aldi in Spalding into a very expensive operation.

On October 12, we went for our twice-weekly pilgimage to said supermarket. On the same day, my husband had an eye appointment, so we left the car at Aldi after the appointment,intending to do the Aldi shop last as we wanted frozen and chilled foods and we wanted to get them home immediately.

Unfortunately, John’s appointment was half an hour late.

We returned to Aldi, did our shopping and went home.

Yesterday morning I received this demand for a parking charge.

No wonder most people shop out of town – we certainly will in future.

We have been excellent customers of Aldi ever since the first local store opened, so this incident is their loss.

I doubt if many Aldi customers are aware that Big Brother is watching them from the moment they enter the car park. Not a very nice feeling if all you want to do is visit their store.

Daphne Ledward-Hands

Seas End Road