A roundabout would make it safer for everyone

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I would like to support Councillor Nick Worth and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.

My daughter has recently passed her driving test and I have drummed into her: “Do not turn right on to the A17, anywhere, use the Boston Road roundabout.”

Clearly, when the bypass was built there should have been other roundabouts built at the same time.

Peppermint Junction is not the most dangerous junction of them all, but a roundabout here would help to improve the other junctions.

It not only affects motorists but pedestrians too.

There are far too many heavy vehicles and cars that take the alternative through Holbeach, some turning left at the lights, others going rumbling on though the town to take the option of joining the A17 at Fleet Hargate (also another candidate for a roundabout).

Road Safety Partnership spokesman John Siddle is obviously more concerned about cost than lives.

A roundabout will solve these problems.

The visibility at this junction is good at present. It’s the volume of traffic on a very busy single carriage roadway that’s the problem.

Introducing a roundabout will slow traffic down and give easier access to the A17 and make it safer for everyone and give a welcome relief to the town.

This problem is just one of many issues we have with our roads in and around Holbeach.

From Saracen’s Head to Gedney on the A17 is a very busy, fast piece of road with many roads coming on and off. A roundabout at Peppermint Junction will go a long way in slowing traffic down before it comes into this very busy area.

Steve Conroy