A right of way has been established

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I must challenge one assertion made in M Roe’s letter (Free Press, July 30).

The banks of the Coronation Channel have been open to walkers since soon after its completion (1953). Unless some very special rule applies, a right of way has therefore been established. I believe that to be the case, and Mr Roe is therefore wrong to say that the banks could be permanently closed for the reasons he gives.

It sounds a bit as if an out of proportion fuss has been made over the situation, and it would be good to see that handled with a more appropriate approach.

One extra thing: I have heard a rumour that there is now a proposal to cut down a number – perhaps a large number – of the willow trees along the banks.

It would be good to hear an authoritative denial if that rumour is untrue, especially if such a proposal had been connected with the case about which Mr Roe wrote.

Spalding now has a dearth of rural walks within easy reach of the town. Don’t let what’s left be spoiled because of passing problems.

John Tippler

Pinchbeck Road, Spalding