A pub is needed

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In reply to Peter Mandell’s letter, I am afraid that I did not see any notices at all, bearing his name and address, near my home.

I did however receive an anonymous letter, which I later discovered was from Jonathan Matthews.

He kindly explained more of the background and detail of your joint campaign.

As I said in my previous letter, the village does need a pub and having read all the objections on the planning website, including the parish council’s withdrawal of support for the housing development,this looks like the best opportunity to ensure that we get one.

Judging by all the promised support, it should do a roaring trade.

I just hope that the new Dun Cow does not have to close due to lack of business and end up as a building plot!

I look forward to my first pint. (If they’ll serve me?)

Doug Braybrooks

Stonegate, Cowbit