A plea for all to respect diversity

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Last Wednesday at the Pinchbeck adult centre a meeting chaired by the Bishop of Grantham was held to discuss a Community Land Trust proposal by the parish council.

It was all quite interesting despite, in my opinion, a rather weak presentation. It was followed by a general discussion that may or may not have enlightened the audience.

Now, we all have our opinions which, generally speaking, are more or less valid in the context of any subject. However some seem to think that their views deserve more respect on each and every given subject by starting their preamble with the ancestry mantra: “I have lived here man and boy/woman and girl.” A fair point, but so often badly not relevant.

When I first moved here 25 years ago I was told by one of my more snooty neighbours that “it would be three years before anyone would want to speak to me”.

Even after 25 years of residence, I’m often told when I disagree with a local “that if I don’t like it here I should go off back to London”.

So just to put the record straight, I moved here with my wife and three children 25 years ago from Essex to take up a job.

Meanwhile, here’s a wish for all to respect diversity and others with different views along with a sincere hope this letter might (in the light of recent correspondence concerning immigration) explain local attitudes to others.

Please do not feel that you are different in any way, join in local debate whoever you are and from wherever you come from and whenever you can. Speak up.

david turp

Wimberley Way