A new crematorium fully justified, says town vicar

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Last week I travelled with one of our local funeral directors to conduct a service at Boston Crematorium.

The journey took an hour because of the volume of slow-moving traffic on the way into the town.

Despite leaving in good time, we arrived ten minutes late.

Sitting in a traffic jam, conscious of the clock ticking, is not the best preparation for such a significant occasion for a family.

The crematorium staff were sympathetic, but there was another service immediately after us.

I finished just inside our allotted time and I hope there was no feeling that we were rushed.

A new crematorium near Spalding would prevent this. I believe it is fully justified by the number of funerals that are needed in this area. I hope that it will prove possible soon.

We have good, well-established funeral directors in Spalding, who work closely with local ministers to ensure that the wishes of families are met at this sensitive time.

I have been made aware, however, that some families have been given the impression recently that clergy do not normally conduct services, whether in church or at a crematorium, unless the person who died attended church.

This could not be further from the truth. Everyone in England has a parish church and a parish priest, who is willing to help with funerals.

In addition, the clergy provide a pastoral concern that will be available to a family for years to come.

Of course, clergy would love to see people’s Christian faith deepen and for them to become part of the local church community, but there is no pressure on anyone.

John Bennett

Vicar of St Mary and St

Nicolas Church,