YOUR LETTERS: Yet another digester bid

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Plant protest signs
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I noticed the planning application for an anaerobic digester listed on page 10 of the Lincolnshire Free Press on June 7, and the subsequent letter from Rachel Casbon.

How many anaerobic digesters do we need in the area? There are already plans for one at the garden recycling centre in Crowland.

The planning application for another anaerobic digester, this time off Wardentree Lane in Pinchbeck, was passed by Lincolnshire County Council last year, although no work appears to have been carried out on the site as yet.

Do we really need a third one? Where is all the waste to come from to feed one digester, let alone three?

How many more heavy lorries will there be on our roads?

I see that it is the council which is applying for permission to build in Tongue End – is this where the authority proposes to dispose of the garden rubbish it is now collecting?