YOUR LETTERS: Yes, there is an unsolvable problem with the EU

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I read David Turp’s letter in last week’s Spalding Guardian and would like to offer some comments in response.

He asked if there is a problem with the EU that is unsolvable? The simple answer is yes.

The stated aim of the European Union is to move towards a United States of Europe.

This is fine in theory but, as the organisation stands, it is totally at odds with our democratic ideals.

Laws are being made by unelected people that we have to abide by as members of the EU. This is totally unacceptable.

I presume from his comments that Mr Turp voted for us to change our currency to the Euro – and look what a disaster that would have been for our country.

We pay money into the pot and we get some of it returned. I, for one, would prefer to be able to vote out people who have control over our finances.

Mr Turp writes about bravery and I believe we should be brave enough to stand on our own two feet and not be a part of a failing institution.

I was in the armed forces and had the privilege of working with NATO personnel from other nations before we joined the Common Market.

I found no problem then and do not believe that NATO will fall apart if we were to leave the EU.

Mr Cameron claims to have tried to change the EU from the inside and the lack of improvement is obvious. I will be voting for us to leave.