YOUR LETTERS: Why should we tolerate Spalding street drinkers?

Discarded drink cans in Spalding. ANL-161107-170218001
Discarded drink cans in Spalding. ANL-161107-170218001
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I feel yet again the need to express my concerns and disgust about the lack of action to tackle street drinking in Spalding.

Walking to work this morning, as I normally do along Albion Street, I was, as usual, greeted with the intimidating sight of a group of young migrant men heavily in drink – at just 8am.

In 2013, we were told that a crackdown had commenced, and that 337 penalty notices had been issued in this town. Since that year, we have seen a steady rise in street drinking, especially in the said area above, yet very little in the way of police presence or, indeed, enforcement.

The police, for their part, seem to think that all these drinkers spotted by locals are just a figment of their imagination; a public perception.

Yet on my walk this morning, what also shocked me was the huge levels of foreign-branded beer cans left discarded on the edge of the pathway, with many more thrown into the river. How on earth can this be acceptable or tolerated?