YOUR LETTERS: Why I want to stay in EU

Rodney Sadd
Rodney Sadd
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No doubt many people have already made their minds up about whether we should stay in or opt out of the EU.

But let’s take a closer look at what the European Union does for Britain and dispell some of the myths for the people that are undecided.

Creates jobs and growth – The EU is the biggest single market in the world, allowing British businesses to trade widely and access better supply chains. Almost half of the UK’s trade and foreign investment comes from the EU, accounting for 3.5 million jobs.

Defends your rights – EU action has helped tackle discrimination at work, ensured health and safety standards and secured better holiday, maternity and paternity rights. Better conditions at work with the Working Time Directive protecting people against exceeding the 48-hour maxium working week, a daily rest period of 11 hours and one day off a week.

Environment – The EU has been at the forefront of the global fight against climate change. Its policies have improved the quality of Britain’s air, beaches, bathing waters, waters and natural habitats. EU law means you can have the confidence in the food you buy, ensuring packaging includes nutrition values, allergen and origin information.

Investment for the future – The EU provides funding for major projects across the UK, including improvements to regional infrastructure and the regeneration of deprived area’s. EU investment in scientific research and development is helping to create the industries and jobs of the future as well as supporting key medical and technological breakthroughs.

Smarter Budget– We want jobs and prosperity to be front and centre of all EU action. Labour MEP’s are working very hard to reform the EU budget to ensure more funds

are allocated to job creation, research and innovation with less going into wastful bureaucracy.

Free movement – Millions of British people benefit from free movement every year, there are almost as many UK nationals living elsewhere in the EU as there are EU migrants living in Britain. Up to 1 million Brits reside in Spain alone. UK citizens are entitled to take up a job, study or retire in any of the 27 other EU member states – something that would not be possible outside of the EU.

Discrimination – The principle of equal pay for men and women was enshrined in the original EU treaty in 1957, and the rights of women to challenge gender discrimination in the workplace were strengthened during the 1970’s. But the EU is at the heart of efforts to tackle discrimination on the grounds of gender, race,

sexual orientation and age.

If we leave ? – Britain will still have to follow the EU’s rules for business there; we just won’t have a say, which would be difficult for trade. Also, 4 million British jobs linked to our trade with the EU could be at risk.

Overall, there are many positives for staying in, but it will be down to the people’s choice.

Let’s hope it’s the right one for all concerned and for the future of our country. I back the remain campaign.