YOUR LETTERS: Where is the dog warden?

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Open letter to any councillor on South Holland District Council.

Where is the dog warden that serves the area of Spalding? It looks to me there is plenty of work in Spalding town alone.

On April 9 I was cutting through the Pied Calf Yard to Holland Market. The pedestrian traffic coming through the yard to Spalding was fairly heavy, so I was concentrating on sailing a clear passage. So managing to tack to my right, alas, much to my surprise I slid on a rather large pile of dog’s relief.

To its owner, may I explain. When a dog or bitch squats down it’s a good indication that something is happening at the back end of the animal.

Alert the responsible owner – it’s your job to clean up the mess.

Don’t repeat what one councillor told me: “She works nights.”

There is enough evidence lying about in the streets of Spalding. A large barrow would be required to collect the offending mess.

We read about councillors picking up litter, but I’ve never seen a councillor using the small black bag.

Is it that paper litter is more dangerous than dog mess left on the street and grass areas?

Again, where is the dog warden?