YOUR LETTERS: Wheelie bin cost would be passed on

Wheelie bin
Wheelie bin
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I sympathise with people who are experiencing vermin problems with their refuse while awaiting collection.

My opinion is that I am all for the continuation of a weekly bag collection for the following reasons.

Smell is limited with tied black bags when collected on a regular and efficient basis.

Black bags are collected on a regular basis, where as a wheelie bin, once full, cannot be added to, creating a problem for larger families and multiple occupancy housing.

Once bags are collected, there are no detectable signs to suggest that the residents are in or out for the day, whereas a wheelie bin stood outside waiting to be retrieved is an immediate alarm call for the very nice people who want to come and burgle our homes.

Can I suggest that the people who have a vermin or cat/fox problem simply place a metal refuse bin in a suitable place and put their rubbish inside for collection with the co-operation of the district council.

Finally, it’s worth bearing in mind that if black bags are replaced, the extra costs of supplying wheelie bins and the conversion of a relatively new fleet of vehicles to be able to lift and empty wheelie bins is more than likely to be passed on to the residents of South Holland.