YOUR LETTERS: We should safeguard vulnerable

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Deplorable parenting, along with a host of other behaviours...

Smoking, drug abuse, failure to use car child restraints, to secure poisonous household chemicals, to monitor children when cooking. The list is endless.

All well and good punishing those parents that endanger their children.

No wait, unlike other countries, we have no all-encompassing legislation that specifically protects children, unborn or not. Plenty protecting those in the workplace but little safeguarding those most vulnerable.

There are two primary culprits here:

1– A legislative system that fails in its responsibility to protect children.

2– More importantly is an education system that focusses on academic qualifications but does nothing to prepare students for real life…

Parenting, substance abuse, diet, money management and simple household safety being just a few examples.

While we might criticise individuals, it’s our elected government that is ultimately at fault. So detached from reality.

Would our local MPs care to comment?