Your letters: We should be fighting for green space

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It is good that our local paper and the council are seeking the views of the public; however, the survey is deficient in that it recognises only the Castle Sports Complex and the swimming pool and ignores the value of the green open spaces on the site, which attract informal use at various times and could be developed further if desired.

The fact is that Spalding is nearly 50 per cent short of the area of public green space that we should have in a town of our size.

The Castle site, being near the town centre, is accessible to large numbers of people, including children, who are not necessarily dependent on being driven there in cars.

It would be a great pity if any of it were to be lost to new buildings, unless they served sport or leisure. Good public health depends on there being easily accessible spaces for sport and exercise, and we should be vigilant and fight for every bit of it.

David Jones