Your letters: We’re part of the same team

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The elections are now over and my work as a newly elected councillor has already begun.

In fact, it began some time before I was elected when speaking to residents in the St Mary’s ward about some of the issues that they face on a daily basis.

Among other issues, I have already been in conversation with the county council in relation to overhanging trees and shrubs and indeed to prompt the repair of a dangerous footpath.

Having started the fantastic training program which the district council provides, I am quickly learning the scope of my new position and look forward to serving not only my ward, but indeed the district as a whole over the next four years. That said, I have a huge amount still to learn.

I would not have been able to represent you without the help and support of several people, to all of whom I am extremely grateful.

I would like to take the opportunity to offer my gratitude and thanks to the residents of Spalding St Mary for voting for me on May 7 to serve you as your district councillor.

I would also like to thank my fantastic wife, children, family and friends, for not only the support they offered me throughout the campaign, but also for the fact that they have allowed me to give the residents of South Holland an undertaking for the huge amount of time I plan to spend serving as a councillor.

I look forward to working with the councillors across all three parties currently represented and truly believe that we are all part of the same team now. Political debate is healthy, but only when appropriate, and should not get in the way when making important decisions on behalf of the taxpayers.

Now elected, I have the opportunity to repay you with my service. I plan to carry out my duties with my ward and district at the heart of the decisions I make, while being open and transparent in doing so.

I can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 01775 888314.

Harry Drury

District councillor for Spalding St Mary’s ward South Holland District Council