YOUR LETTERS: Vote to leave the EU

Paul Foyster
Paul Foyster
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So, according to the Government, God has joined the debate on the EU – and is advising that the UK retains membership – and even offers to smite half the Conservative Party and UKIP.

I suppose it shouldn’t come as any real surprise, as just about every other vested interest group has joined the debate.

The news leaves me anxiously waiting for the descent of the Arch Angel Gabriel, from Snowdon, Brown Willie or Ben Nevis, perhaps all three, one after the other, subject to adequate BBC coverage, with a tablet of stone bearing letters of fire inscribing the words “Thou shalt not leave the EU”.

That nice Mr Junkers and dear David have a blank contract they want us to sign (I mean vote for). I won’t do it, of course.

If there were a contract governing our relationship with the European Union, the last paragraph, the small print, would probably read: “All conditions may be varied without notice or right of appeal. This contract may be valid for over 40 years or apply even unto the third generation. In the event of the company collapsing into chaos, no refunds will be given.”

It’s yet another scam folks, the great and good of the continent want your money.

Like those nice people pretending to be from Microsoft (or any other scam, for that matter), they want you to hand over control of your country so they can fix it for you.

We all know where that leads. Just say no thanks or make some other appropriate comment, by voting to leave.