YOUR LETTERS: Vote is for you alone

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Now that we are even closer to the referendum, I would like to make a few observations that may assist those who might still be in a quandary as to which way to vote, which is not surprising after all the propaganda we have been subjected to in the media in recent months.

It does not matter which political party or organisation you support, this vote is for you alone.

You do not have to safeguard your political position or place in parliament or your job, it is meant to be a free choice; in or out.

For those who were too young to know, or those who just do not remember, we joined the European Economic Community and not the EU, but we were gradually sucked into it.

No matter what the final outcome may be in the referendum, the foreign workers will still want to come here to work on our farms or in other jobs.

Tourism will still continue as many countries exist on this income, as will trade between the countries.

Your choice is whether you wish to remain in the EU and be governed by them (whoever they are) and be subject to their laws and conditions, or to leave the EU and once again be a great country where we can once again devise our own laws and conditions.