YOUR LETTERS: Transport cuts are the thin end of a large wedge

Paul Foyster
Paul Foyster
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I wish Mr Flindall all the best in his campaign against the proposed withdrawal of funding for transport to Spalding Grammar School.

Lincolnshire County Council doesn’t hold consultations, flawed or otherwise, unless it is seriously thinking about doing something.

The school transport cuts are a real possibility and soothing noises made by their children’s services department should be treated with a very large pinch of salt.

In case people think that only grammar schools are in danger, what if they also or later extend this to any school not in the immediate area of students’ homes ?

We rely on services provided at the discretion of our county council. Due to the lack of support from central government, these are at serious risk, as I have said before.

Lincolnshire is a Conservative county and these cuts come courtesy of a Conservative government.

The same one that gives away billions in foreign aid, spends billions on an unnecessary HS2 rail link and huge sums on complying with EU dictates and membership fees.

I urge all county councillors to vote against this idea.

It discriminates against poor but bright children and could be the thin end of a very large wedge.