YOUR LETTERS: Think hard about vote

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UKIP EMN-150622-102910001
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Given the current internal strife within the party, it’s good to see Rodney Sadd has not forgotten Labour’s primary function of representing the interests of ordinary working people.

Unfortunately, he carefully avoids one of the main threats to job security and wage levels – mass uncontrolled immigration, which currently runs at 330,000 a year.

Neither does he mention that low-wage workers from abroad can claim up to £700 a month in tax credits, the majority of which is sent back to their home country.

As cuts in public services accelerate and the national debt continues to rocket, the assertion that this mass influx of migrants is of economic benefit should be challenged head on.

It’s the ordinary people of this country who have borne the brunt of this failure to control our borders with wage stagnation and the increasing pressure on our public services.

The biggest issue facing us in 2016 could well be our membership of the EU and its principle of free movement.

When the referendum comes, those that truly care about the welfare of ordinary working people should think hard about voting to stay in, or allowing this to happen by doing nothing. We in UKIP have never wavered in our opposition to this ghastly institution. Vote no – for everyone’s sake.