YOUR LETTERS: There is no unsolvable problem with EU

David Turp
David Turp
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In light of recent correspondence, I would like to repeat my warning that it would be madness for the UK to leave the European Union.

I have patiently listened and read all the arguments by the many Brexit campaigners, some of which are shamefully presented in these pages by people who should know better.

How is the assertion valid that we spend £350million per week on membership of the EU?

Only by ignoring the rebate negotiated by Margaret Thatcher, which currently stands at £4.5million, and EU grants for farming, local government and fishing, is it possible to present that membership costs us anywhere near that figure.

But still the leave campaigners, at the very highest level, continue to present their case this way.

They seem quite content to insult the intelligence of those they wish to convert. Personally, I have heard it all before.

I worked in the Royal Navy for 23 years between 1963 and 1986, and worked with various NATO Navy forces on countless occasions.

What always seemed to raise its ugly head among those in command was the notion that if only we (the British) were in total charge, then everything would be fine.

It was an excuse used by those with seniority to cover their shortcomings and incompetence.

The same foolish argument is being presented by those co-ordinating the Brexit campaign.

In my opinion, it would be foolish to relinquish the opportunity to lead and co-operate in the EU for the benefit of all, in favour of retreating into an isolated position that might mean we surrender the goodwill shared with countries with whom we share common experience and cultural values.

Wake up Britain. Is there a problem with the EU that is unsolvable? Not at all.

Are we to entirely trust the comments of various MPs who seem intent on milking a gravy train of our political making and support? I think not.

Some would prefer to see this country as a big fish in a little pond – that is the real reason these politicians are so vocal. Are they afraid of the future?

Are they afraid of showing real leadership and commitment on a bigger stage?

If we are brave enough, our continued membership can be the only real way forward for the future of this country.