YOUR LETTERS: The decision to leave EU had been made already

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Anita Toal’s letter (Free Press, February 7) seemed to miss the mark on several points.

Nowhere in his column did MP John Hayes suggest he thinks the Government is above the law – indeed I thought his point was crystal clear.

The recent Supreme Court case had nothing to do with lofty ideals such as holding the Government to account – the case was brought by people who wanted to overturn the referendum result, and so shouldn’t have been a matter for the courts at all.

Cases that are not matters for the courts are routinely thrown out, as a solicitor would know well.

Nowhere did he say that the publicity-seeking businesswoman (who said the Brexit result made her “feel physically sick”!) had no right to go to court.

John Hayes’ point – one shared by people throughout the country, by the way – was that the decision to leave the EU has already been made, and that rich, well connected people from the London liberal elite who think their view matters more than ordinary people should not have undue influence.

If we live in a society where wealthy individuals can go to court to try to overturn elections results they dislike, that is worrying indeed.

Britain’s legal system coped perfectly well for hundreds of years before Tony Blair 
unnecessarily tinkered with our constitution and set up the superfluous Supreme Court in 2009.

Along with the incorporation of European Human Rights laws into our legal system and devolution (look at how well that’s going!) it is a dreadful legacy – as John Hayes wrote – typical of that disastrous 
Labour government.