YOUR LETTERS: The blight of wheelie bins

Wheelie bin
Wheelie bin
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There are moves afoot by some residents for our district council to start using wheelie bins for refuse collection.

I understand the downsides to the current system, but those people who are petitioning for wheelie bins should consider the even larger downsides if we adopt them.

Those cities and towns that use them suffer from wheelie bin blight – the ugly sight of full or empty bins littering pavements and grass verges, thus devaluing the home you have paid many thousands of pounds for. Buyers who see this blight around a prospective home make them second choice.

Each resident has to find space for two large bins (black and green), instead of the small amount of space in your utility cupboard for a few plastic rolls.

From time to time, you may have to clean and disinfect them, depending on how you use them, or pay a contractor to clean them for you.

Two journeys will have to be made – one to put out your bin and another to return it.

Everyone would have to be issued with a bin, with the onus on residents to replace the bin if it goes missing, or is stolen.

No doubt the extra cost of introducing wheelie bins will result in rubbish collections being reduced to fortnightly, meaning we will have to store smelly refuse for longer.

Personally, I’d prefer to stay with the present system.