YOUR LETTERS: Sundays are a special day

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This week, MPs will vote on plans to give local councils the power to change Sunday trading hours.

As a shopworker, I am very concerned about how this will affect all the staff in retail and our families.

Having just celebrated Mother’s Day at the weekend, we don’t want even more mums having to go out to work on that special day, keeping families apart.

Many councils have said they will feel forced to extend Sunday opening, because, if one area allows longer hours, then shops in nearby areas will want to open as well, so they do not lose trade.

Most retail staff already work every Saturday and some Sundays. Longer Sunday opening hours will mean we have to work more Sundays, leaving us even less time to spend with family and friends who work in the week, or children who are at school.

I work in retail myself and I see Sundays as my family day of the week. Please help us keep it that way.

As it stands, large shops can open all day for six days a week and six hours on Sundays.

So, there is plenty of shopping time, but Sunday is still a special day – families can spend some time together, and we can hold community events.

We would lose that if Sunday became just another day.

MPs from every party have said they will oppose this damaging proposal. Please call on our MP to do the same.

EDITOR: As is now known, the vote went against changing Sunday opening hours, but we decided to still share Carol’s views.