YOUR LETTERS: Spend wisely to keep Spalding’s dykes and drains running

River Welland
River Welland
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The European Water Framework Directive was passed and implemented in 2000.

What that means to us in Spalding is that dredging has not been carried out or mentioned by the Environmental Agency or MPs in Westminster over the last 15 years.

The EU states that rivers must be left to flow naturally and allow silt to build up, which has been and is the case now.

In this area, we have been very fortunate to have the Coronation Channel, which has helped save us over many years.

Last year, it was mentioned in the Daily Express that the Environment Agency has, or was going to, sell off 15 dragline excavators, the best piece of equipment to deal with clearing out the river bottoms and allowing more room for excess water to flow and not flood.

Modern diggers are no match for the 360 degree dragline when it comes to coping with the issue of flooding.

In Spalding, along London Road and Cowbit Road, where the Welland and Coronation Channel meet, a build-up of silt will occur on the town side of the Welland and at the mouth of the channel. This was dredged about 25 years ago.

When you walk over the Taku bridge in town and the water is clear, you can see a build-up of silt along the river, which has accumulated as a result.

My concerns are that, while the Environment Agency and politicians talk about the problem, which is staring them in the face, throwing money at it with very little thought is getting us nowhere.

Both Labour and the Conservatives need to take equal share of the blame by sticking to that EU directive, and get hold of the situation.

The Dutch engineers drained the Fens in the 1700s and that’s what we need now. Someone who understands the way to keep the dykes and drains running. Spend money wisely.

It is no good clearing the deficit if we are up to our armpits in water doing it.