YOUR LETTERS: Spalding shops looked better in ‘60s

Spalding town centre
Spalding town centre
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For several years now, I have realised that when I see photos of towns from 50 years ago, I usually like the way they looked then more than the way they look now.

I tried to analyse this and came to the conclusion that it’s to do with the size of shop windows, the ratio of brick to glass, the size of the lettering and the garishness of colours.

In my opinion, there are lots of unpleasant-looking shops in Spalding – and every town in the country for that matter.

I told my friend that I wished there some bye-laws to restrict the appearance of shops, which prompted her to call me a rather rude word which has something to do Mussolini.

In my defence, my rather limited rules would result in Spalding looking a lot better.