YOUR LETTERS: Spalding road is a race track

Speeding cars
Speeding cars
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I write in response to your story asking for comments about speeding in the town of Spalding.

We live on the racetrack known as Cowbit Road. Ever since the opening of the new bypass (A16 Peterborough), cars leave the roundabout, heading into town, often driving at 60mph or more.

There is one completely insignificant, small 30mph speed restriction sign 100 yards from the London Road bridge junction – and that is all. Cowbit Road is one of the major routes in and out of the town, but it is also heavily residential.

The pavement is extremely narrow and used by families, dog walkers and joggers. Despite this, drivers are breaking the speed limit every day.

It is obvious that motorists using this road do not know there is a speed limit in force, therefore the signage is totally ineffective.

Cowbit Road is now an extremely dangerous road to live on.