YOUR LETTERS: Spalding road could have been a disaster area

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Hawthorne Bank in Spalding could have been a disaster area on Monday.

There was a huge hole in the road, yet no workmen were in sight.

According to the signage, Anglian Water was due to start work on May 28 for one week.

The lights at the railway barriers were flashing red and going up and down so many times that they eventually became stuck in the down position.

The helpful man in the railway house did all he could to find an engineer, but had no idea how long the situation would last.

As it was the end of the school day, many mums and children were stuck on the wrong side of the train track, while motorists from the surrounding roads could not get out either way.

Luckily, the emergency services did not need to gain access to this area, otherwise a house could have burned down or someone could have died of a heart attack.

Why was this dangerous situation allowed to happen?