YOUR LETTERS: Spalding railway station

Spalding railway station
Spalding railway station
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I note that, in a desperate attempt to gain publicity for the beleaguered Spalding Transport Forum, George Scott has resorted to making incorrect comments about Spalding Railway Station.

He is wrong when he says the station is ‘dilapidated’.

In the dictionary, dilapidated means ‘having fallen into ruin’ so, if that is the case, where are the falling chimney stacks, the crumbling bricks, the broken windows or a collapsed roof?

If I worked for East Midlands Trains, I would take him to court for defamation for besmirching the company’s reputation and good character.

I also note that he has conveniently chosen not to mention the latest news about Littleworth Station.

Our official transport representative, Lincolnshire County Council, has repeatedly stated that the case for any such station is ‘weak’.

In other words, it will never be built.

As this was the mainstay of the Spalding Transport Forum’s campaign, surely there is now no reason whatsoever for its continued existence, especially considering that it has achieved nothing but a list of failures from the very start.

The time has come for the final nail to be put in its coffin – it should disband forthwith.

I wonder what the views of residents of Deeping St Nicholas are now that they realise that they were misled into believing they would get a station at Littleworth by this group, which has no accredited official status and which is now completely discredited.

It is my opinion that tiny little groups like this should not be allowed and that its representatives should be stopped from making ill-founded comments.

I would also encourage members of the press to ignore such statements unless the group can actually come up with a viable idea.

It is my hope that East Midlands Trains should not even consider any application for the adoption of Spalding Station.