YOUR LETTERS: Spalding pool is so shoddy

David Whyte has also complained about the pool
David Whyte has also complained about the pool
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It is high time councillors took action over the cleanliness and state of Spalding Pool and other leisure facilities in the area. How councillors have the nerve to announce a proposed £2.7m facelift of council offices when such shoddy facilities exist purely beggars belief and shows the arrogance and disrespect towards council tax payers and the residents of South Holland.

The pool is verging on being a health hazard. The mould in the gaps of the benches in the poolside sauna are digusting and full of human detritus. As for the pictures seen online as ‘alleged’ I can well and truly vouch for the authenticity of the pictures taken by Mr Whyte.

Particularly the portfolio holder should hang his head in shame, surely he should be pushing for improved facilities or is this just part of an unseen agenda to run facilities down to facilitate a ‘it’s no longer economical to run, let’s close it’ strategy....? I would ask when was the last time the portfolio holder actually visited the pool or had an actual swim there? I also have it on very good authority that a senior member of South Holland District Council was seen at a very swanky private pool in the Wisbech area. If Spalding pool is not good enough for him why should it be for the local tax payers?

Quite simply all we hear is rhetoric and we will get this seen to but it falls on deaf ears and nothing gets done and just adds to the feeling of a general malaise.

This argument has gone on long enough and the people of South Holland deserve far more from SHDC and their councillors.

I feel sorry for the staff, they try their best with ageing facilities only for it to pop up every three months or so in the local papers, but nothing ever gets done.

They are losing custom without a doubt. I am aware of a number of people who have cancelled memberships and gone elsewhere. Are the council so short-sighted to see that vastly improved facilities would bring in more revenue? Why don’t we build a new sports facility to be the envy of the county if not the country and put an Olympic size pool up with adjoining gyms, etc? Put South Holland well and truly on the map for serious leisure facilities.