YOUR LETTERS: Spalding needs smartening up

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I’m saddened by how Spalding has changed.

I have lived here for over 25 years now – it used to be a bright vibrant town, with lots of different shops, all clean and tidy. People were proud to live and work here.

Now it’s full of drunks sprawled out in the streets, others busking, and litter everywhere. When the bins are used they are overflowing.

A lot of shops are very badly kept. The outsides are shabby, with rotten wood and paintwork flaking off.

One or two units have been done up, but the first floor has been ignored ... as if people don’t look up.

The guttering overflows when it rains, or is broken, and even plants are growing in them.

We are greeted by garish colours everywhere. There should be some guidelines on decor.

The planting around the town is lovely, but it is not enough if the other parts aren’t sorted out.

There should also be a place where all the wheelie bins can be put for emptying, instead of being left outside shops where they smell and look terrible.