Your letters: Spalding needs more parking

Our reader couldn't find a parking space at McDonald's.
Our reader couldn't find a parking space at McDonald's.
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On Saturday, my friend and I went to McDonald’s in Spalding.

When we arrived, we found that we couldn’t get in because there were no parking spaces and there were 30 cars in a queue for the drive-through.

We left, as did many others, only to find that we couldn’t turn right because of the sheer volume of traffic coming off both roundabouts.

Instead, we made the decision to turn left, turned around about a half mile on and came back.

We drove to try Jack’s Fish Bar, but there was nowhere to park due to either blocked drains causing massive lakes of water or too few parking spaces.

We carried on to Turner’s Fish Restaurant, but were again faced with nowhere to park.

Frustrated, we turned for home ... but got stuck at the railway barrier for over 10 minutes.

No trains went through and the barriers were eventually raised.

Passing my home, we thought we would make one last effort and went to Chips Ahoy in Little London, where we finally got parked outside.

We got our fish and chips and came home. We drove for a total of 7.5 miles over 46 minutes and got nowhere.

My friend, who doesn’t live here, said to me: “I’m not doing any of my shopping here as there is nowhere to park.” And I have to agree with him.

We’re encouraged to shop locally, but how are we to do that if there are not enough parking spaces?

Come on South Holland District Council, get your act together and give this town the parking spaces it needs.

Alan Long


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