YOUR LETTERS: Spalding building is being abused

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How can our council stand by and watch a Grade II-listed building be subjected to abuse by homeless who have decided to move in and set up home?

The building I am talking about is The Grange, at the top of Pinchbeck Road, which is a huge part of local heritage yet, on passing it last week, I was greeted with the sight of several scruffy men staggering about the side of the building and one who decided at 8am to urinate up the side of these premises.

At this very moment on spotting them, my thoughts were it was just some street drinkers as per usual, but on attending a business meeting at a nearby property, I mentioned what I witnessed to the receptionist who then went on to tell me that there were several migrant men occupying the property and that the police were informed weeks before. I am guessing that the council was informed as well.

Now, on gaining this information, it makes my blood boil as to why it’s been allowed to continue for this amount of time, especially as I say, it’s a listed building and that the police, as I was told, were informed.

It is illegal to gain entry to a property by breaking in or damaging windows or doors and you could be arrested even if the damage is minimal, so why are we not seeing action? It totally saddens me to see Spalding in such decline, action needs to be seen on many issues before the final nails are firmly hammered in on the town’s coffin.