YOUR LETTERS: Sovereignty is now in tatters

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EU flag ANL-150307-182123001
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I would like to respond to the letter from C B Westerman in last week’s Spalding Guardian in which he seemed to imply that people like myself, who do not agree with his support of the EU and want to leave it, are nationalistic Europhobes.

I am old enough to have voted in the original referendum on Europe, when we were told that we would be joining a common market of trading nations, when, in fact, we were signing into a super state with Germany at the centre pulling the strings. I will not be deceived again.

As a result, our national sovereignty has been eroded to such an extent that we cannot even control our own borders properly and judgements made in our court rooms are regularly overturned by remote European courts. As for the EU protecting industry, try telling that to our fishing industry, which has been decimated by constant meddling and regulation.

It’s time to leave this empire built on lies, threats and deceit before it disappears into the dustbin of history, taking us with it.