YOUR LETTERS: So many myths and so much misinformation on the EU

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Myths and misinformation abound in this debate on EU membership. The Labour Party claim workers’ rights are enhanced, but thanks to a mass influx of East Europeans, wages have stagnated and job insecurity increased.

The 3-4 million British jobs that are claimed to depend on EU membership are matched (using the same criteria, and allowing for the £60 billion annual deficit) by the 5-6 million European jobs that rely on trade with us. In fact, with the destruction of our industries in fishing, ship building, steel making, textiles, etc, it’s easy to argue 1 million jobs have been lost in this country thanks to EU membership. The EU single market is a rather nasty customs union designed to protect certain interests and works to the detriment of many third world countries. A large dent in the economic migration from African countries could be made if fair trade or, even better, free trade policies were adopted and this unpleasant cartel abolished altogether.

Mass immigration has brought economic benefits to this country is another assertion worth looking at. If it is the case, where has the money gone? The National Debt has doubled in the last 6 years along with the explosion in those coming here from abroad.If its all been such a rip-roaring economic success, why did the last budget contain cuts to the neediest and why is it such a struggle to fund the NHS, education, police and all the public services? In truth, these low-wage jobs, subsidised by the benefit system, are a drain on the economy and add to a debt our children and grandchildren will be responsible for.

Our negotiator in chief, David Cameron, has just agreed to add £500 million to this debt as part of the £5billion EU bribe to Turkey. For this fee and the promise of speedy accession to the EU, Turkey has agreed to become the world’s largest clearing house for migrants. The Prime Minister refuses to admit that this country may soon have to open its borders to 77 million Turks, and I suppose this may be true if we keep giving the Turkish Government (dubious human rights record and crusher of the Kurds) enough money.

Unfortunately we must look at his track record on assurances such as this.

Your “Green” contributor last week stated that the EU is in serious need of reform. The biggest myth of the lot is to think that this is possible. Time is running out for this bankrupt, undemocratic EU institution, and for the safe option, be in no doubt, vote “OUT”.