YOUR LETTERS: Respond to consultation for better Spalding train service

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I note the letter about the inadequate passenger services from East Midlands trains on the ‘joint line’ between Peterborough, Spalding, Lincoln and Doncaster.

The times are of no use to anyone wishing to use the line for work in Sleaford or Lincoln, since the first train does not reach Lincoln until after 10am.

The problem is it being effectively a ‘one shift’ line.

A few years ago, when the joint line was being up-graded, I said how sad it was that clearance was not being left for possible electrification of the line as an East Coast Main Line diversionary route.

I have been assured that the clearance for possible electrification HAS been allowed for, which would allow for serious services on the line. That possibility would be a project of national significance, which would incidentally help us all locally as well.

Do not hold your breath, in view of recently promised electrification projects being dropped from the national programme! East Midlands train franchise shortly comes up for renewal, and I would urge anyone wanting a better passenger service on the line to respond to the consultation on that matter.

That really could make a difference, if it were to be known that enough people would use an improved service on the line.