YOUR LETTERS: Reluctantly agree with John Hayes that we have to work with Trump

US president elect Donald Trump
US president elect Donald Trump
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I have to reluctantly agree with John Hayes when saying we have to work with Donald Trump.

But let’s not forget Trump is a proven misogynist, racist, xenophobe and a liar of epic proportions.

He questions Nato membership and is prepared to accept Russia’s annexation of the Ukraine.

His proposed policy on Syria ignores the atrocities perpetuated by President Bashar al-Assad and the Russian Air Force. No wonder Putin welcomes his appointment.

He also denies greenhouse gasses contribute to climate change, proposes a significant relaxation of environmental controls currently imposed on major polluters and wishes to revitalise the US coal industry.

So we can kiss goodbye to the Kyoto Protocol that limits global greenhouse gas emissions, particularly when the other two of the three worst polluting nations are China and India.

How does he expect those countries will react, particularly when he intends to impose a 45 per cent import tax on all products coming from both. As to Mr Hayes professing Trump’s like of Britain, that is simply not true.

Despite what he says, Trump’s like is for Scotland; an ancestral home, and is likely ambivalent to the rest of the UK.

What happens when the inevitable friction between No. 10 and Holyrood House reaches breaking point?

Trump’s internal policies are equally incendiary.

His tax reduction plan gives nothing to the poorest, only modest relief to the majority of tax payers and massive rebate to the top 10 per cent of earners.

An example is the net income of the basketball player LeBron James. He stands to save over $15 million a year in federal income taxes should Trump’s plan be implemented.

We are already seeing social unrest as a result of his success. What happens when such divisive legislation is implemented?

Trump is a loose cannon that threatens world stability and the welfare of all of us on so many fronts.

We have no alternative but to work with any US president, but to blindly accept all edicts spouted by such an ignorant, parochial and venomous individual spells disaster.

I do hope our government is up to the task of protesting at the injustices that will likely emanate from Trump’s presidency.

Andrew MacDonald