Your letters: Rail Fares - it’s time we paid less

It is time we paid less to travel by train.
It is time we paid less to travel by train.
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The Government has continued to ignore and dismiss the inflationary cost of railway travel for millions of commuters and passengers.

It is unacceptable that railway fares are as expensive as they are because the Government refuses to control fare increases like the Scottish Government have been doing.

If the Scots can have lower rail fares, then the English should pay less as well.

There should be a 30 per cent reduction in fares in order to correct the injustices that have been imposed upon English rail passengers for years.

David Cameron should start representing the citizens of this country, not the interests of railway speculators like Richard Branson, who have squeezed passengers for every penny and every pound they have with their inflation-busting increases.

The railway passenger is not a cash cow, Mr Cameron – it is time you realised that.

Oliver Healey