YOUR LETTERS: Post Office open times not ‘as advertised’

The Post Office
The Post Office
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I write with reference to your article on Spalding Today relating to the opening hours of Little London Post Office. I would just like to make you aware that they are not opening the hours as stated in your article or as per the opening times on the Post Office website.

I went in yesterday at 4.30pm (your article is not clear on the opening times for Saturday, but Post Office is), only to be told it it closed at 1pm. Post Office states it is open until 7pm.

I have called up this morning (Sunday), to check that they are open 9am-1pm only to be told this is incorrect and they are not opening Sundays. I have two parcels that urgently need to go back.

I have had the same issue with the Post Office in Pinchbeck also, they are not open the hours that they should be.

My mother has been told before by the lady in there that she doesn’t see why she should pay someone to work that is trained to use the Post Office when not many people use the service after normal working hours. I would use it if they actually opened.

I feel sorry for the people who used to run the old post office in Pinchbeck, they had to close as they were not willing to work longer hours, but realistically it seems that they could have said they were opening extra hours, but stayed shut.

I contacted the Post Office back late last year regarding Pinchbeck. They did not seem bothered.