Your letters: Politicians hide the truth on EU

Is the EU just good for the likes of David Cameron?
Is the EU just good for the likes of David Cameron?
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Just who is the European Union for? The rich and famous, David Cameron and his free riders, the two-piece suitors, the people who think they know better than you?

Perhaps it is for the people who have high-profile jobs and a comfortable living, those who earn £40,000 plus? It’s good for them, by gum it is.

The true UK figures regarding immigration are kept secret for political reasons.

The two-piece suitors who banter various numbers about never give you the true figures, only one they would like you to hear.

As our politicians seek to hide the real truth, the economic migrants of Europe continue to take jobs from the low-paid people of Britain.

The European Union, I’m afraid, is a lot like the British governments of past and present – it takes tax from the poor to help the better off.

We, as a country, pay approximately £55million per day into the EU.

Some of it comes back in the form of grants to help businesses, the rich and powerful.

It doesn’t come back to my neighbours or me.

Rob Coleman