YOUR LETTERS: Please get figures right over EU

David Turp
David Turp
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Anyone watching Andrew Neill (Daily Politics, BBC 2) recently demolish UKIP spokeswoman Suzanne Evans’ figures relating to the costs of EU membership must be shaking their heads after reading your letters page, week in, week out, now seemingly dominated by UKIP and other correspondents falsely maintaining that the EU, last year, cost UK taxpayers £350million per week, or £385million a week, according to the latest submission.

Last year’s UK contribution figures are correctly recorded as £18billion.

According to these figures, we first take out our rebate of £5billion, then hand over £13billion.

Out of that figure, we then receive £4.5billion back in subsidies for farmers and needy regional authorities.

So, if you are slick at arithmetic, the current cost of EU membership works out at £8.5billion per year, or around £163million per week.

Still a lot of money, but apparently not enough for UKIP to scare us with.

I’m left wondering why UKIP wishes to distort the figures?

Perhaps UKIP could also tell us whether or not they intend to carry on or scrap subsidies of £4.5billion to farmers and those regions deemed needy enough after exit from EU?