YOUR LETTERS: Parliament at its very lowest

Colin Blundell
Colin Blundell
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Back in December, the MP for South Holland saw fit to write about a moment when Parliament was ‘at its very finest’.

In case we have forgotten, this was on the occasion when Hilary Benn thumped his jingoistic tub and caused the Tory war-mongering rabble to shout and cheer in support of bombing raids on an already devastated Syria at a cost of millions to the taxpayer.

As it turns out, this latest crazy crusade had no impact on Isis whatsoever.

Millions that could have been devoted to the NHS have been squandered.

I suppose it’s rather too much to now expect an article from Mr Hayes about Parliament ‘at its very lowest’ when David Cameron sought to mock the leader of the opposition.

Jeremy Corbyn made a number of important points about cuts to the health service, while all that our PM could find in reply was that the Labour leader ought to “put on a proper suit, do up his tie and sing the national anthem” which had the effect of bringing out the whooping and jeering clowns of the Tory circus.