YOUR LETTERS: Our MP is not incompetent

John Hayes
John Hayes
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Freedom of speech allows David Barfoot to criticise John Hayes, our local MP, in his letter in the Lincolnshire Free Press on December 15.

It also allows me to completely disagree with him.

The variety of posts held by Mr Hayes shows versatility, not incompetence – the latter would result in a return to the back benches, not the appointment to his present, vitally important, responsibilities.

As for Mr Hayes being a so-called yes man, what about wind farms, which he has not been afraid to speak up on?

It’s my privilege to know Mr Hayes – we live in the same village – and I am absolutely confident that he has the security of our nation very much at heart.

I would also add that, as a constituency MP, he is second-to-none, as shown by the number of his constituents who appeal to him for help and advice with all their problems.