YOUR LETTERS: Our MP can’t walk the walk

John Hayes
John Hayes
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I write in response to the Hayes in the House column (Lincolnshire Free press, September 29) where John Hayes states he is fiercely in defence of the gentle and those who do not have the loudest voices.

Sorry, but while he can certainly talk the talk, I find that Mr Hayes does not walk the walk.

By their fruits shall ye know them

Is he referring to caring for the disabled, those with mental health issues and other vulnerable people? Or is he talking about those people in our community affected by benefit sanctions, the bedroom tax or longer waits for their hard-earned pension?

Mr Hayes has voted with David Cameron on all these issues – on all issues that involve giving to banks and tax-dodging corporations at the expense of the rest of us. He quotes one of his heroes, Edmund Burke, in support of his complaint against complainers. I’ll quote an older source ... Matthew 7:20 says “By their fruits shall ye know them”.