YOUR LETTERS: Our little cat killed on ‘race track’ Pinchbeck road

  • Gardens are scattered with pets’ graves
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Eight years ago, we rehomed a cat from the RSPCA.

He was about two years old and had spent a year with the charity recovering from being dumped in a barrel of motor oil by so called human beings. They named him Castrol. It seemed appropriate.

Some people will read this and say he was only a cat, but to us he was a real friend. We wept over him. We miss him dreadfully.

He was so afraid of strangers that he spent his first six weeks at home hiding behind the couch.

Slowly, he grew to trust us and was soon exploring the garden and the fields beyond. There is an orchard at the end of the road, and that became his playground.

We got a little dog two-and-a-half years ago, and soon they were pals, sleeping together on the nights Castrol chose to stay in, and playing in the garden.

On September 20, we were awoken at 6.15am by a neighbour.

On the way to work, he had found our little cat lying dead by the roadside outside our house. We buried him in the garden.

Some people will read this and say he was only a cat, but to us he was a real friend. He gave us eight years of his warm loving company.

We wept over him. We miss him dreadfully. Our wee dog looks for him all the time.

A neighbour later confirmed he heard a car roaring through the gears after turning into Glenside South from the direction of the Ship Inn, doubtless racing towards Bourne. Then he heard a bang.

Glenside South is like a race track morning and night. Cars scream through the 40mph signs at 60mph, and then slam the anchors on at the T-junction some 60 yards away.

They turn in by the Ship Inn and become F1 drivers, straining to hit 60mph by the time they reach the no limit signs.

Our neighbours have all lost pets on the road over the years. Their gardens are scattered with little graves.

I can’t believe that these drivers don’t have pets of their own, which it would cause them heartache to lose.

All I ask is that they slow down going past our homes. Even keeping to the 40mph limit would give them a chance to slow down enough to let an animal get out of their way.

It’s too late for Castrol, but it might save someone else the pain we feel.