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Improving Spalding town centre

We need to stop anti-social behaviour first

I read with interest your front page story of ‘What the town really wants’ and was somewhat amazed that not a single person who was asked for their views in this article actually touched upon one of the reasons why Spalding has gone downhill – namely the street drinkers and other anti-social acts.

Now, on a recent post on your newspaper’s Facebook page many locals commented about what annoys them about the town.

So many mentioned about the anti-social issues such as the aforementioned street drinkers. Add to that the pavement cyclists who are making walking around the town centre a nightmare for many of our elderly, and we can see why so many are saying that they do not like coming into the town for very long at all. Drug dealing and littering are also issues of concern.

Given that so many locals have expressed their views, why are our voices still not heard and why are have we not seen proactive action taken to this very day apart from the odd ‘days of action’?

I appreciate that the responses in your article focused on the market, types of shops needed, arts and music etc etc. But all these are no good if we still have a town that is deterring folks from enjoying it due to these anti-social acts.

Now, I know I am no expert, but to deal with issues you must first tackle the root causes.

Surely as yet another year draws to an end our local authorities must wake up and listen to the people of which they serve. So many cannot be wrong after all.

My open question will always be: “Why did the police and council apply for a Public Space Protection Order) zone and all its powers if the said powers are not being enforced?”

Maybe a public opinion poll, open to all via the press, regarding the anti-social acts is needed at long last to gauge public feeling.

After all, every single one of us wants a better Spalding.

Mr Garner


John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (51877377)
John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (51877377)

Good luck with getting the council to listen or act

I agree with all the suggestions printed in your article.

The main ones for me are:

  • The market. In your picture we see how the market was before the council almost wiped it out;
  • The raft race is an excellent idea;
  • A community park. I moved here 27 years ago and wondered,why no park?

The Halley Stewart field or grounds of the Castle Sports Centre would be ideal.

I don’t think any notice will be taken of our requests. I sent an email to my local councillor after there had been an accident on Halmergate with the school children and a bus.

I have seen a queue of 11 buses gridlocked on Stonegate round into Halmergate.

These are secondary school children – why can’t the buses for them come and go from the bus station?

But my email wasn’t replied to which I find very disappointing.

So good luck with getting the council to listen or act.

Mrs R Lloyd

via email

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