YOUR LETTERS: Not much any MP could do

Nigel Wickenden
Nigel Wickenden
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I waited with baited breath for an explanation from Mr Turp and got one (of sorts).

I have to point out that our nearest EU neighbour is the Republic of Ireland, who we share a border with that is a bit over 300 miles long.

Yes, we have a physical link to France but that is via the supposedly secure channel tunnel.

Mr Turp’s captain must have been a bit of a martinet as, when I was in the Army in Germany, there were IRA alerts but my leave was never cancelled.

Even in those days, we had telephones and teleprinters to disseminate information, so perhaps our MP was aware of events and any countermeasures required.

It is possible someone had actually been to his house to brief him, although I doubt it.

Hopefully, our government has plans for such eventualities as the Paris atrocity that are automatically implemented.

I have never said that Mr Hayes has anything, let alone everything, under control.

However, apart from regular assessments and necessary actions, there is not much that any minister can do as relevant duties will be carried out by hopefully well-trained, prepared and equipped security services, armed forces and police.

In any event, there is no way that any security measures will prevent a determined attacker who is willing to die for his or her cause, as we have to be successful all the time and they only have to succeed once.

As an old soldier, I can tell your readers that, in the event of armed conflict, after food, drink and rest were taken care of, I would be playing cards (definitely not bingo) during any lull in hostilities.